Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Work began on what will be a project that develops over several years at the Poor Farm in Wisconsin.
The Bunker will house pickles, seeds and will have pits for fermenting Kimchi and Miso. Farmers, local to the Poor Farm, will grow many of materials needed for production and pickles will come from Art and sustainable farming throughout the country.
The bunker will be outfitted to sustain most forms of calamitous event, natural or not, and in producing the structure and stocking it's shelves will Bunker will function as a site among a network of sites for gathering and sharing information.

see an album from the first phase of the Bunker's development by following the link below

Bunker Phase 1: Kimchi

"summer school" was in attendance the week leading up to the opening of the Poor Farm this summer and participation from them was key to getting the 10' hole dug. Phase 1 was completed by burying 5 gallons of Kimchi in the hole to ferment for the next year. At 10' the Kimchi is resting within the area that will form the entry to the Bunker when completed.

Next summer Phase 2 will commence with the exhumation of the Kimchi and the trench for the Bunker. Stew and pancakes will be made to feed those involved.

If you would like to develop a pickle for the Bunker please feel free to contact me

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