Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Prep Kitchen/Holding Back the Appetite

The Prep Kitchen

A durational performance of sorts, a presentation of production, a means for tracking the development of a discreet food object and the concentration of flavors. Also: A means for critiquing "Food Performance".

In retrospect the above statement is true only in looking at the full 25 hours spent at Race Brook Lodge for A la Fortune du pot, organized by Kalika Farmer, as a single performative event.

From unpacking the car, competing for facilities, heating, roasting, cleaning, roasting, straining, reheating, sharing the mid-cook, straining, straining, straining, presenting the leavings to an absent audience, reducing, straining x 5, cooling, packing up and driving away.

Holding Back The Appetite; A Suite of Discreet Food Objects

For the occasion of the release of D. Graham Burnett's The Sounding of the Whale Burnett requested a suite of whale related foods...

On the Whalers Deck: Ossabaw Pork Belly (cured, confited and fried), anise, white cardamom and Ricard caramel, whole crustacean jelly (lobster, blue crab, head-on shrimp with duck/pork gelatin)

The Whale Market: Carpaccio of Elk tenderloin, 3 jojoba and olive oil scents: The Sea, Scandinavian Spice, Other Whale Hunting Cultures

Fudgie the Whale Split Down His Seam: Butterflied whole Surryano Ham

(images to come)

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